Content warning: Philosophizing (successfully?) ahead
A little bit of theory In the form of a Twitter thread
Current trends, anti-communism, cointelpro, and flipping positions on proletarian patriotism.
Polemic against the propaganda
The omnipotent commodity form and deification
Covid + Capitalism , the straw that broke the workers’ backs, bosses in shambles.
The vaccine roll out in the United States IS universal healthcare in limited scope.
And other lies corporate media tells for shareholder profits.
How the US Intelligence Apparatus is spinning lies for manfactured consent.
Pinholes Usually there’s a periphery we can see The thoughts the dance just outside The psychic field of vision And occasionally as one flits past We…
When revolutionary movements get co-opted by capital. Again.
It’s backbone was broken, conveniently after a whistleblower took a scalpel to their profit model.